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{{ errors.first('domainName')}}

The DMARC Record for {{dmarcData.domain}} is: {{dmarcData.dmarc_record}}



Error: More than 1 dmarc records set.

The DMARC Records for {{copyDomainName}}:

DMARC Record {{ind+1}} : {{dmarcData}}



{{ firstNameError}}
{{ lastNameError}}
{{ emailError}}

Your new DMARC Record are below.You must take action for DMARC record to be published.

Click 'Create Instructions' for guidance on getting your DMARC Record published.It may take up to 24-48 hours for the chaanges to appear within EmailAuth after the record is published by your DNS provider

EmailAuth will detect published changes and updates various dashboard screens accordingly.You may notice changes to your To-Dos.

Domain DNS Record Location DMARC Record
{{newDmarcData.domain}} {{newDmarcData.dmarc_record}} {{newDmarcData.dmarc_value}}